Brent Todd

A love of the outdoors, nature and hunting led Todd to painting what he loves most – wildlife. He is a self-taught artist who believes composition is vital to any work, and spends hours studying photographs and sketching ideas before he ever touches the canvas with a brush. He stresses detail and wants the viewer to experience a feeling of being there in all of his creations. His countless experiences in the mountains throughout his life have contributed a great deal to his artwork.

Brent believes in not only capturing a portrait of the animal itself, but also depicting it in the beauty of its natural habitat. In this way, you can study the animal as well as its way of life. Mood is essential in Todd’s paintings, as is the anatomical correctness of the subjects.

His work has been featured on the cover of Cabela’s, Safari Club International and Bugle Magazine. He has been named RMEF artist of the quarter, FNAWS artist of the year, Peoples Choice artist of the year, and has recently done stamps for Canada. A dedicated wildlife advocate, Brent donates his time and talent to many wildlife organizations. He feels it is his responsibility to give something back to help ensure that there will be wildlife for future generations to enjoy. Brent Todd’s original artwork and limited edition prints have generated a very large following throughout the country.