C.M. Russell

Cowboy Artist, Charlie Russell captured forever the real legend of the west now gone. The drama and daily hard work of the cowboy lives on in the canvases of Charlie Russell’s artwork.

Charlie Russell left St. Louis at the age of sixteen and moved to Montana were he was a cowboy with Monte his beloved horse for over eleven years before giving it up to paint full time. Nicknamed the Kid, Charlie Russell never out grew his clumsiness as a cowboy but remained faithfully a hard worker.

In 1890, Charlie Russell did produce a portfolio of artwork entitled the Studies of Western Life but generally speaking Charlie Russell did not consider himself an artist. Most of Charlie Russell’s work at this time was either given away or threw away. In 1896, at age 32 Charlie Russell’s life changed when he married Nancy Cooper she was sixteen years old. Nancy and Charlie Russell settled in Great Falls, Montana.

Charlie Russell built a working studio. Now keeping Charlie Russell working in the studio was easy. Keeping Charlie Russell from giving away his artwork was extremely difficult. It was actually Nancy who recognized the worth and value of her husbands art work.

I guess the moral of this story has been told before it goes like this: Successful men are guided and nurtured by a good woman. Now the Cowboy Artist, Charlie Russell is well know for his art work and his fine wife who nurtured and guided his life along the way.