Hayden Lambson

The Hayden Lambson story began on August 27, 1948 in Ramah, New Mexico where Hayden grew up with two older sisters, a dog, and a pesty goat. He is now living in Pocatello, Idaho with his wife Cheryl, where they raised their eight chidren. In 1970, Hayden graduated from BYU as valedictorian of his college, but had not yet considered a career in art. From there he worked as a career scouter for the Boy Scouts of America for six years, eventually turning his full attention to art in 1976.In 1982 Lambson printed his first print—‘A Big Step’. In 1988 he was selected to be the 1988 Artist of the year for Whitetails Unlimited. He was also the Artist of the Year for the Foundation of North American Wild Sheep in 1990. He was chosen as Artist of the Quarter for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, winter of 1991. In 1992 he was selected as Artist of the Year for Minnesota Deer Hunters Association.Hayden’s work can be seen yearly at shows such as FNAWS, Safari Club International, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and others. Lambson’s art work has been featured in art and outdoor magazines such as Art West, Hunters’ Quest, Wildlife Art News, Idaho Wildife, Cabela’s, New Mexico Wildlife, Alaskan Outdoors, and others. Hayden’s work has raised thousands of dollars each year for conservation groups. Other projects include a 6-plate Alaskan series for The Bradford Exchange, Nova Scotia habitat stamp, limited edition prints for Cabela’s and the NRA, covers and illustrations for Boon & Crockett Records publication, and over a half dozen stamps and prints for various providences in Canada. Obvious from his enthusiasm for wildlife conservation and his artwork itself is Hayden’s love for hunting and the outdoors. It is a love that has been embraced by all members of his family and has become a great thread that brings the family together. In fact, his children (who adore him), have been heard to say “he is even a better father than artist.” Monday evenings his family is the only thing in his appointment book. Friday night is “date night” for Hayden and his wife Cheryl. Hayden also volunteers much of his time to his church and community.