Larry Tucci

From a young age Larry spent long hours in the field learning the ways of nature and becoming familiar with his subjects in a way that few artists have undertaken. His work begins in the form of field studies recorded in a sketch book, which are then used as reference to create larger, more detailed studio work. Larry is completely involved in the creative process of every piece, from the creation of the canvas or panel that a work is painted on, down to the final framing selections that help present the work in it’s very best light. “I’m not satisfied simply to paint copies of photographs and call it art – I work very hard to design images that have an authenticity and a reality which go beyond photography or just highly detailed renderings. Each of my paintings is a carefully crafted combination of shapes, values, tone and texture intended to bring life to the two-dimensional surface, and if I’m lucky, maybe even create a bit of magic that I feel satisfied to call ‘Art’ “.

Larry’s paintings have been widely recognized for their natural authenticity and excellence in execution. He has been honored with a commission to create the Pennsylvania State Trout Stamp for for 2005-06, and was recognized as a “Top 100” Artist by the National Park Service “Arts for the Parks” program, chosen from thousands of international art submissions. His paintings also appear on various additional State Trout Stamps, and in the collection of the National Park Service.

Larry’s work is currently undergoing a “rebirth” of sorts. After many years of painting in the very detailed style of the work shown in the “Previous Art” section, Larry has recently followed his heart in the direction of painting in a more classic medium of oil on canvas, in a decidedly more impressionistic style. This is something he had dreamed of doing for years but felt that it was beyond his reach as an artist. Recently, however, after traveling West to Aspen, Colorado and Jackson Hole, Wyoming Larry came to the realization that it was not only possible but necessary to follow this calling. It is an exciting and challenging move, but one that is clearly meant to be. Examples of the latest work may be seen in the “Current Art” section, with additional works to be added soon.

Larry Tucci lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan with his wife Cathy, their young son Michael and new daughter Isabella. The family enjoys Michigan’s bountiful woods and waters, which provide inspiration for Larry’s art and nourishment for his soul.