Perfect Gifts for Pet Lovers

May 24th, 2018 by Ima Admin

Happens Every Time by Fred W. Thomas. Purchase Here

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone with a “fur family” member? Maybe you’d like to help commemorate a loyal companion whose passed on. We carry a full line of beautiful artworks featuring dogs, cats, and even domestic farm animals.

One of our favorites for Duck Hunters is “Happens Every Time” by artist Fred W. Thomas.  An avid outdoorsman, Thomas has spent much of his art career painting and illustrating the wildlife and environment. He established a national reputation as an illustrator with such clients as Eddie Bauer Co., National Geographic Society, McMillan Publishing, Pepsi Cola Corporation, Microsoft and Alaska Airlines.

Popular Breeds of Hunting Dog Artwork:

Check out more of the charming artwork of our favorite hunting companions by filtering by the tag “Dogs” in our SHOP, where you’ll find retrievers, Springer Spaniels, English Pointers, Chocolate Labs, Irish Setters and more.


Great Giftware for Dog Lovers

Check out these adorable pet-themed gifts that spread the love.









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3 Ways to Makeover Your Man Cave

April 10th, 2018 by Ima Admin

Express your inner wild child with Reflective Art’s collection of mancave-ready artwork and decor. Here are some great ideas on how to carve out some space for a man cave, together with featured artwork to create a complete retreat for reflection.

Born in a Barn?

Turning a barn into a man cave is a wonderful idea. All the wood on the walls, floor and ceiling makes it feel really welcoming. You don’t have to cover up the walls. In fact, they stand out more if you don’t. Follow this crazy reddit story for some unique barn renos:

And whether or not you make a penny-floor, here are links to a few of our favorite items for wood walls:

From Garage to Lodge

Your garage deserves more than a beer fridge and garden tools. Whether you take over a corner or kick out your car, turn your garage into a mancave lodge with help from this article: The piece de resistance would be some “you” themed artwork. Do you like to fish? Check out PRODUCT. Is scenery more your thing? Check out PRODUCT. Is there a favorite animal spirit that call to you? Run with the wolves with this beautiful scene.

Hunters Gatherings

Is your rec room a wreck? Does it sit unused? Repurpose spare space in your basement to create a place for hunters to gather or a trophy room.

Check out this crazy story from WideOpenSpaces where a guy turned his basement into a hunting cabin for $107!

Here’s some of our favorite hunting-themed artwork to adorn those pallet walls!